at the intersection of OMG! and chill.

Life just got so simple.

Imagine a life where you have your own attorney for whatever you need.  Limitless, whatever, whenever.  Legit, right?

This is new-age magic.

Confront your neighbor, and mean it.   Ensure you are treated well at work.   Understand your rights in any relationship.   Ask legal TAX questions BEFORE the legal TAX questions are asked of you!    Understand your mortgage.    Buy a new car with legal support.   Enforce a warrantee you already paid for.   Don't just rollover on traffic tickets.    Get your Will and estate planning DONE!

your very own bodyguard.


no more being bullied.


helpless is in your past.


finally, someone has your back.  seriously, this is just the best plan.

did someone say chill?